Our Story.

From intimate to grand, each party tells its own story and as your team, we work together to create its beginning, middle and end. The story begins at our first planning meeting and continues as we guide you through the day of your event. When the lights dim and the last guest leaves, we are still there to share your wonderful memories. Your story becomes our story and new friendships are formed.

  • Leslie Rosen.

    Leslie’s first career was that of an elementary school teacher.  She wrote lesson plans, taught the basics, created music, art and craft experiences, and learned from her students. When her third child was born quite prematurely (see Ryan, below) she stopped teaching to be at home with him. After several months of sleep deprivation and going stir-crazy, she taught herself cake decorating; thus began a new career. It began slowly as a hobby and soon grew into a full-service catering business. Today she writes menu proposals, cooks more than the basics, crafts food into art, and learns from her clients. Teaching and catering — both paths continue to intersect and bring great joy to Leslie.

  • Lewis Rosen.

    Lewis grew up in a home filled with the wonderful aromas of his mother and grandmother’s everyday cooking — no real recipes — just a pinch here and a taste there. Meals were delicious and filled with good stories. As a teenager, he traveled throughout Europe with his parents where a whole new world of flavors and cultures were introduced to him. Years later, he met Leslie on a blind date and quickly learned that a great dinner in a beautiful setting won her over. At Leslie Rosen Catering, he combines his love of food and wine while creating new recipes and enthusiastically sharing them with family, friends and clients.

  • Ryan Rosen.

    When Ryan first opened his eyes as a newborn, he was immersed in a world of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. As a child, he watched his parents having fun cooking and entertaining at home. All this “partying” led to an off-premise catering business and he often chose to tag along to wash dishes. After high school, a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management led to an internship and then a position at the Inn at Little Washington, a Relais and Châteaux property. There he learned to prepare exquisite food, savor the finest wines, and welcome guests from all over the world. Two years later, when he joined his parents at Leslie Rosen Catering, he brought with him fresh new ideas, a great sense of style, and the commitment to giving each guest a memorable experience.

  • Eve Morganstein.

    Eve was part of Leslie Rosen Catering long before she ever knew it. She grew up across the street from the Rosens and often babysat their children. Even back then she loved to cook, and baking cookies became a great babysitting activity. She inherited her passion for art from her mother, an interior designer and her grandmother, an amateur painter. Photography soon became another interest. After college she cooked in local restaurants, did freelance photography, and assisted her mother with her design business. When Leslie offered her a full-time position it was like coming home. Here she combines her natural cooking skills with food design, and photographs the end result. The web-site photos on the “Taste” page have all been taken by Eve.

  • Our Staff.

    From college to graduate students, teachers to food enthusiasts, our staff is as diverse as the food they serve. Our well-trained bartenders are personable and eager to create a signature drink for your special celebration. Before each event, we meet together as a team to discuss your menu, table service and party time-line. We believe a successful party is achieved through the joint effort of our entire staff doing their very best — serving you.